Shearer cable splint mining cable clamp specification


2022-01-22 15:18

Shearer cable splint is made of nylon 66 add flame retardant, antistatic agent (nylon 66+ flame retardant agent + antistatic agent) and steel skeleton injection molding, according to shearer working face through the pin or bolt connection into the protection of cable or water pipe protection channel. The cable clips produced by our company are LJU type, LJC type, LJO type, LJH type
The working principle of
The working principle of cable crawler is to rely on the physical characteristics of cable crawler to protect the cable and water pipe in shearer. The cable and water pipe in shearer rely on the protection of cable crawler to make shearer run at high speed.
Use precautions
1. In order to ensure the reliability of product performance, the performance shall be tested annually.
2. Whether the side connection is firm, whether all accessories are loose, etc., to prevent accidents.
3. Strictly follow the MT/T 117-2007 standard when using
4. Strictly abide by the operating procedures and put an end to fluke psychology
5. Before use, operators should carefully check the cable track body and parts for defects or cracks.

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