How to ensure concentricity of rotary joint seals


2022-01-22 15:18

Most rotary joint sealing structures have two plane fitting seals, if the pressure is not consistent, it is difficult to ensure that the plane to plane fitting so well. How to ensure the concentricity and strength of the new speaker seal?
H type rotary joint H type ring plane and shaft head plane friction seal. The taper side of the H-ring seals with the O-ring. Rely on the spring to push the seal. To ensure the parallelism of the spring thrust, parallel pads are placed on the top of the spring. Make sure the spring thrust is uniform. In addition, the spring force of the O-ring can also compensate for the uneven thrust of the spring.
The spherical sealing ring plane of the Q type rotary joint is sealed with the bottom plane of the shell (or end cover), the R (ball) surface of the ball ring and the ball (R) surface of the tube ball, which is completed by spring thrust. To ensure concentricity, one is that there is almost no clearance between the outside of the support ring (also called the column ring) and the inside of the shell. Second, the sphere of the tube and the R surface of the ring can be adjusted.

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