The problems that should be paid attention to during the machining of hydraulic rotary joint


2022-01-22 15:19

Attention should be paid to the processing technology of hydraulic rotary joint in the process of processing: that is, attention should be paid to the processing sequence.
1. Three-way processing: three-way processing must first consider the end cover stop of the hydraulic rotary joint, and the bottom surface of the end cover is parallel to the inner tube (fixed or internal).
2. Housing: The verticality of the bottom end face and the bearing mounting hole (inner diameter of the housing) should be paid attention to during the processing of the housing of the hydraulic rotary joint.
3. Hollow shaft: The vertical degree of the bearing table and the friction surface should be paid attention to when machining the hollow shaft of the hydraulic rotary joint. , parallel to the connection thread, parallel to the positioning ring (hole). To process and shape (a knife).
4, drilling, installation: the hydraulic rotary joint shell, the lower end of the screw hole must be the same as the T-shaped joint, the bottom cover of the screw hole; The rotating holes in the housing shall be deep enough and the compensator shall not be installed in place during hydraulic rotary joint installation.

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