Rotary joint installation and maintenance skills


2022-01-22 15:19

Pay attention to details of rotary joint installation:
1, the rotary joint in the storage and handling process should avoid impact and fall. In order to avoid damage to the interface and internal seals, resulting in concentricity, verticality, equipment vibration, deflection and other problems in the rotary joint.
2, when installing, try to ensure the concentricity of the rotary joint and the shaft head to ensure the good operation of the rotary joint.
3. When installing the rotary joint connected by thread, attention should be paid to checking whether the thread direction of the inner and outer pipes of the rotary joint corresponds to the rotation direction of the roller, and whether the thread direction of the inner and outer pipes is consistent.
4. The connection between the rotary joint and the pipe must be connected with a hose. Our company recommends the use of a metal hose with good disturbance, and rigid connection is absolutely prohibited. At the same time, it can reduce the auxiliary weight of rotary joint and prolong the service life.
5, the assembly of the inner pipe should pay attention to the size, the inner pipe with heavy weight should consider the auxiliary support. It is recommended to use H8/E7 tolerance fit for inner pipe and joint of rotary rotary joint to ensure good operation.
6, the support and stop of the rotary joint should be appropriate and correct, the diameter of the general rod should be about 2mm smaller than the stop hole, to ensure the free adjustment and compensation of the rotary joint.
Reasons for rotating joint failure:
1) Whether the sealing surface of the rotary joint or the wear of the bearing part is abnormal.
2) The rotation stop of the shell of the rotary joint is fixed, resulting in no free compensation of the rotary joint.
3) The shaft of the installation machine is beating seriously, and the rotating shaft of the rotary joint is different.
4) The pipe connection of the rotary joint is not appropriate, whether to replace the hose connection with a hard pipe connection.
5) The inner tube is too long and is not supported in the roller, resulting in poor concentricity of the rotary joint.
6) The model is selected incorrectly, and the working requirements of the selected rotary joint are not installed.
7) The fluid through is abnormal and does not conform to the working condition of the rotary joint
Rotary joint Maintenance Tips:
1. Keep the roller and pipe connected to the rotary joint clean inside. It is recommended to clean up welding slag and sundries before using the new equipment. If necessary, a filter should be added to avoid damage to the sealing surface of the rotary joint caused by foreign matter.
2. Long-term non-use of the machine will lead to scaling and rust inside the rotary joint. It is recommended to idle for about 2 hours every 1-2 months during shutdown, and pay attention to the occurrence of stuck or dripping when using again.
3. The rotary joint with oiling device should be regularly injected with lubricating grease to ensure the benign operation of bearings.
4. The rotating joint of heat conduction oil or hot body medium should be gradually heated up to avoid thermal expansion and contraction of the rotating joint fittings caused by sudden temperature change.
5. When regularly repairing the equipment, check the wear condition and thickness change of the sealing surface of the rotary joint. The normal wear is 5 -- 10mm. Observe the friction track of the sealing surface, whether there is three-point discontinuity or scratch and other problems, such as large wear or scratch, should be replaced immediately.

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