What should we refer to when choosing rotary joints


2022-01-22 15:19

Rotary joint selection, selection of rotary joint to refer to:
1 Fluid medium composition (water, air, steam, heat conduction oil, hydraulic oil, etc.)
2 medium pressure (the company can provide -0.098~40Mpa rotary joint products)
3 medium temperature (the company can provide -20~350°C rotary joint products)
4 Rotation speed of equipment (our company can provide products of up to 5000RPM)
5 equipment connection mode and working environment (connection is divided into thread connection, flange connection, style can be divided into one-way flow, two-way flow, multi-channel flow) and other conditions to select the corresponding products
1, first of all, we should pay attention to the existence of foreign bodies in the seal of the rotary joint, which will aggravate the wear degree of the seal.
2, when the installation of the joint contains inspection holes, the outlet of the inspection hole must be downward, when the leakage of the medium occurs at the inspection hole, it is necessary to replace the joint in time.
3, in the installation of thread rotary joint, the first thing to find the correct direction of the thread, generally speaking, to check is left or right rotation. In the rotation of the installation to slow force, to prevent excessive force caused by the rotating joint sliding wire situation.

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