Classification of explosion-proof cable clamp sealing joints


2022-01-22 15:19

Also called explosion-proof explosion-proof cable clamp tightly sealed joint glen head, hereinafter referred to as explosion-proof clip tightly seal joint, it has a variety of style, form, and each manufacturer to design of explosion-proof clip tightly sealing joint is developed according to the actual site demand, after decades of reform and creation, there are hundreds of models of explosion-proof all stripes clip tightly seal joint.
Explosion-proof clamp tight sealing joint in the form of threads G thread, NPT thread, M thread three conventional. In the structural design is not the same, now there are 11 types of explosion-proof gran head form is higher recognition on the market.
Explosion-proof cable clamp sealing joint can choose non-armored or armored form, choose take-over type or compression type can be selected according to the site.

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